About Us

Veuxdoo was established in August 2012 after the founder was awarded a degree in Fashion. We aim to provide the girl on the high street with some edgy basics that will make everyone envious of her individual style. We specialise in vintage and custom clothing for the fashion forward modern girl on the street.

Our aim is to re-use old garments that are no longer loved and ‘edge-them-up’ to suit the current market of today. We are constantly on the look out for great vintage pieces that we can alter and transition into your wardrobe. We aim to do all this as well as give you prices you’ll love.

We gather our inspiration from the catwalks of the world, but we love to hunt down bloggers that are commenting on whats hot on the street. We listen to the comments and design and create garments that we think suit the styles they are discovering. Whilst doing this we are putting our own stamp on the current trends.

Our products are designed for fashion forward consumers that are constantly looking to increase their individuality with fun, different and what we think are exciting products. The most important thing about our garments is that they are one offs, each piece is bought and then altered in a variety of ways so that no-one will have the same look as you! We make everyday fun and fashionable. Our customers are experimental with what they wear, creative and always the one girl that everyone is asking ‘where did you get that?’.


Photography - Ian Midwinter @ Solstice Imaging

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Rubyna Khansary
Adam Walters
Emma Donnelly
Charlotte Townsend


James Stone - http://www.jamesstone.net
Selina Davison